The Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds has received funding through Farm Credit Canada’s Agrispirit Fund to repair the roof of the building.

The FCC gave $1.5 million through the fund to 84 community groups across Canada. The Exhibition applied for the funding in the spring and was accepted for $5,000 in order to insulate and repair the roof of the building in late August. General Manager Mike Sidoryk says the area of the roof is in need of repair to reduce heat loss and further damage.

“It’s a need that that has to be done. First off we need the repair to reduce further degradation of the facility but also improve our environmental footprint.”

The grounds are trying to be conscious of gas and electrical usage that would occur without the repair. Sidoryk appreciates the organizations that assist community programs to move forward with projects.

“It’s a huge complex. There is always upgrades and improvements that do need to be required. We do monitor other sources of granting income to assist with some of those projects.”