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Prime Minister’s energy support deceiving: MP Stubbs

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs has a few things to say to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government on Canadian oil. At the House of Commons on November 19th, Stubbs said Canada has seen the greatest loss in Canadian energy investment since the 1940s during Trudeau’s tenure.

“In reality, the Liberals killed the only new options for exports to the Asian Pacific and to Europe they drove away more than more than $100 billion in energy projects, the worse loss in more than 7 decades. Over 100 thousand Canadians lost their jobs.”

Last Thursday, Trudeau spoke at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce saying the low price of oil is a “crisis” for the province. The Prime Minister said the tax break introduced on November 21 fiscal update would aid the oil and gas industry.

A big topic of conversation has been the price gap in oil between West Texas Intermediate and Western Canadian Select which is around $45 US per barrel. Trudeau sympathized with Albertans saying he knows they are “living through rough extremely difficult times.”

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In a release on Friday, Stubbs says she believes the Prime Minister is “deceiving” Canadians when he announced his support. Backlash continues for the Liberals proposed Bill C-69, which would overhaul how energy projects are approved in Canada. Stubbs added that she believes the bill needs be cancelled or rewritten if it does move further in the House

“The reality is that Bill C-69 will halt investment in Canada’s energy sector. Industry associations, Indigenous organizations and large employers have made it clear, if C-69 goes forward, large projects will not proceed.”

Stubbs says during the Commons on November 20th that she believes the Liberal Government has “sabotaged” the energy sector, adding it seems to be what the Trudeau Government wants.

“He said he wants to phase out the oil sand and last spring he said he regrets that Canada can’t get off oil “tomorrow”. The Prime Minister killed the only two pipelines meant for export to new markets, it’s a travesty Canadas the most responsible oil producer with the third largest reserves and the fourth largest exports.”

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