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Council reviewing museum’s collections management policy

The Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre (LCSC) is looking to city council for a formal policy on its collections. A new policy would be for guiding the LCSC administration in managing, acquiring, storing and preserving artifacts.

Council is reviewing its options on how to best represent Lloydminster in the LCSC. One concern that Mayor Gerald Aalbers has is how the LCSC stands out from other museums in Saskatchewan.

“We know the Barr Colonists play a huge role in the area, oil and gas has played a huge role, agriculture has played a huge role,” says Aalbers.

Aalbers acknowledges this history is a big part of Lloydminster. The museum’s policy may be similar to ones made by the Museum’s Association of Saskatchewan and the Alberta Museum Association. Ultimately, Aalbers says any new collections policy would come from the community.

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“I think that’s a question that administration will be working through, that’ll be working through council, as well as residents of the city because it takes a community effort to continue to develop that.” Says Aalbers.

Aalbers is calling this a first step in laying ground rules for the museum’s exhibits and collections going forward. The museum’s exhibits haven’t changed much, and Aalbers says the LCSC stores have a lot of duplicate specimens.

Aalbers says people wanted to ensure that history was captured, but questions if the city wants a volume exhibit or a more broad exhibit.

“We could have the largest collection of cookstoves or sewing machines in western Canada. But, will that draw someone to the museum?” asks Aalbers. “I think there are some discussions to be had about that.”

Councillor Jonathon Torresan pointed out that many of the exhibits haven’t changed since he was in school. Aalbers admits this may be holding the LCSC back.

“I don’t wanna steal his thunder on this, but a lot of things haven’t changed since he was in elementary school in the city,” says Aalbers.

Aalbers knows this kind of challenge matters to the staff at LCSC and says it’s a matter of giving them right the tools.

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