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New impaired driving rules take effect today; Energy industry to get funding boost from Ottawa

New roadside testing rules for impaired drivers are now in effect

Just in time for Christmas, Ottawa is rolling out new drunk driving laws.
The new legislation, which takes effect today, allows police to demand a breath test from a driver who has been legally pulled over for any reason. The change is meant to help police catch more impaired drivers, but critics believe it will just lead to more racial profiling.

Energy industry support to be announced today by Ottawa

The Liberals are attempting to stop the bleeding in Alberta.
Ottawa is reportedly set to announce $1.6 billion in funding for the energy industry, attempting to repair damage caused by a steep drop in oil prices. The money is expected to be used for things like new technology, training and clean energy growth.

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Rural communities could face more health problems

If you live in a rural community, you may be more likely to have health problems.
A new study from McMaster University suggests Canadians living in rural areas have fewer options for fresh produce and it’s usually more expensive. Researchers also found some rural restaurants tend to avoid posting nutritional information. Access to alcohol and tobacco tends to be higher in these communities as well.

Ford breaks into canine market with new noise cancelling dog house

Ford Motors is shifting from pick-up trucks to pups with its newest innovation.
The automaker recently designed a dog house with noise cancelling properties. The product is meant to help protect a dogs hearing from loud noises like fireworks and thunder. It’s just a prototype, but Ford plans to sell the kennel to consumers in the near future.

Friday Christmas shoppers may face down busy stores, long lines

If you’re still behind on your Christmas shopping, you may want to wrap it up before Friday.
Financial firm Moneris predicts December 21st will be the busiest shopping day of the year, even surpassing Black Friday. The reason? Online purchases won’t make it in time for Christmas, so last-minute shoppers will be hitting shops and grocery stores to get everything they need to prepare for the next week.

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