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Lone Rock renewal not following process: Hamlet Board Chair

Chairperson of the Lone Rock Hamlet Board Lloyd Ludwig says the RM of Wilton is changing the hamlet to a country residential subdivision without their consent.

Lone Rock is challenging the RM in court over their proposed changes to the hamlet’s status. Ludwig says the RM has a number of steps it needs to go through in order to change Lone Rock to a country residential subdivision.

“They’re telling us they’re taking our water and sewers systems away without consulting with us. There’s a process they’re supposed to go through which they aren’t following at all,” says Ludwig.

Residents of Lone Rock are speaking out about a plan to purchase their houses and redevelop them. They were told in August they were being converted to a country residential subdivision and were moving from subsidized water and sewage to self-managed systems.

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Ludwig says the RM is supposed to have public hearings with the residents of Lone Rock about plans to change the hamlet’s status. According to him, farmers outside of the hamlet were told before Lone Rock residents.

“We want them to talk to us about what they’re doing to us, not just force it on us,” says Ludwig.

Residents have filed an application for judicial review to the Battleford Court of Queen’s Bench. Ludwig hopes they’ll slow down the RM’s conversion on the hamlet and send them a message.

“We just wanted it known that this governmental body has no respect for the people of our town. We want them stopped and forced to do in the beginning,” says Ludwig.

Many Lone Rock residents who could not afford to upgrade their own water and septic systems have moved away from the townsite.

My Lloydminster has reached out to the RM for comment. A court hearing will happen on January 24.

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