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City awards golf pro shop contract to Marty Wheaton

City council is giving a five-year term golf pro shop contract for the Lloydminster Golf and Curling Centre to professional golf instructor Marty Wheaton. He will be awarded the contract starting February 15 for a five-year term with the option to renew for an additional three years.

The contract come at a cost to the city that progresses over the five years. The first year at $225,000, year two $230,625, year three $236,400, year four $242,300; and year five $248,500. Mayor Aalbers says the contractual costs will be offset by revenue to the city.

“There will be a revenue line going against that, in the form of golf fees, cart rentals, things like that,” says Aalbers.

This comes after city council voted to dissolve the Lloydminster Facilities Corporation by the end of December. City administration was instructed to contract food and beverage services, curling ice maintenance and golf pro shop services out.

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While the contractor will be supported through sales of things golf balls and tees, the city will see revenue from green fees and cart rentals. Aalbers says this is where the city wants to be to generate revenue from making a better golf course.

“We’re not real good at running restaurants, and we don’t think we were good at running the gold pro shop as a city. Whereas that individual has some skin in the game. So it’s in his best interest, which if he continues to improve the golf course, and the golf course improves, we’ll also see a net benefit from more people golfing,” says Aalbers.

Wheaton is formerly the manager of the Lloydminster Golf & Curling Centre. Aalbers says he’s confident in Wheaton’s ability to manage the golf pro shop and switch from employee to contractor.

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