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Colleen Young looks forward to carbon tax court battle in new year

Saskatchewan MLA for Lloydminster, Colleen Young, says she’s looking forward to the province’s court battle over the federal government’s carbon tax in 2019.

In an interview, Young told My Lloydminster that the provincial government has taken steps to present its court case against the imposed carbon tax.

She says that the results of that case are something she looks forward to in the new year and is confident in her government’s alternative plan.

“I think in February is when it will go before the courts, and we’ll see where that goes in the future. But I think that’s something we will continue to stand up for the people of Saskatchewan on, is no carbon tax,” says Young.

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Saskatchewan has put forward it’s own climate strategy called Prairie Resilience. It’s an alternative to pricing emissions that focuses on building resistance to climate change in the environment, infrastructure and economy.

The plan also aims to help communities adapt and thrive in a changing environment and low-carbon economy.

Young believes Saskatchewan’s climate plan will do much more than carbon pricing for curbing emissions in the province while still supporting economic growth.

“Our government is committed to ensuring that we continue on with infrastructure in this province. We were left with a vast hole in every aspect, whether it was schools or highways or long-term care homes or hospitals. That’s something this government has committed to in 2007 and has continued to invest in the people in this province.”

Young says the Saskatchewan government will continue its mandate of supporting the province’s economy, while also managing budget expenses.

Her job keeps her away from her family for long periods of time. Young is thankful for the support of her family and her constituents as she seeks nomination from the Saskatchewan Party in March.

“Im very thankful for the support and the confidence and trust my constituents continue to put in me. I’m hoping that will stay there as I’m move forward. I’m planning on putting my name in for the nomination which will come up in March 2019. I’m hoping they will continue to support and put their confidence in me,” says Young.

Young is also thankful for includes living in Lloydminster and the people she’s surrounded by in the community.

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