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Local man still hoping to organize truck convoy for the spring

Despite the Resource Coalition Convoy to Ottawa falling through, a local initiative is still exploring options for a convoy this spring. Organizer of the Great Canadian Convoy, Dion Boser, says his independent convoy to Ottawa is still making sure that it’s feasible to organize. He hopes to hammer out details before getting people more excited about it.

“I’m going to make sure logistically speaking we can make it work, with all the authorities and whoever I need to contact, so that it can proceed. From there I’ll start getting driver involvement and hopefully, I can get a contact with maybe Rally for Resources, or whoever hey had, trying to help fund them, and maybe get them in with mine,” says Boser.

The now-cancelled convoy, organized by Canada Action, cited extreme opinions as a reason to not join forces with the Yellow Vest Convoy to Ottawa. The organization also mentioned unexpected issues they could not resolve, but wouldn’t explain what those were. Boser says they wouldn’t tell him either, but knows from his own experience driving trucks how to organize things like this.

“First of all, you need to find a start location. Then you need to find out logistically how far you’re going to travel. Find your fuel stations, find accommodations. Make sure it’s all good to go with the department of transportation,” says Boser. He adds that those convoying would have to check with the RCMP and OPP, as well as Ottawa authorities to ensure their convoy is allowed in the city.

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“If we’re just going to be blockaded, and drive all the way there just to be blockaded at the entrance of the city, well that’s pretty much a waste. It’s a lot of logistics, and the one I wanted to do was to start out west and try to get people from out east as well,” says Boser.

Boser says he’s heard interest from all the way in Bonnyville about the convoy. Unlike those planned in February, his is aiming for Spring Break Up in April, a time when most truck drivers aren’t working.

“Pretty much anyone in the oilfield would rather be working in February than wasting ten days unpaid, and actually paying out. I had mentioned that to Canada Action a few weeks ago already cause it’s gonna be tough. That’s a busy season for us.”

Boser says his plan would be a more practical time because many drivers would be waiting to go back to work. He says Canada Action’s reasoning was to be present when Bill C-69 will be voted on in the Senate. The Yellow Vest convoy to Ottawa is still aiming for February 14 and hopes to rally support from the east coast as well.

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