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Prior research, working with others key to keeping gym resolutions: Local Fitness Expert

A local fitness consultant is offering tips for Lloydminster residents to find the right gym to continue their New Year’s resolutions.

According to a release by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan, there is an increase of people within the province who are inquiring about gym memberships this time of year. The FCAA warns that many consumers do not ask the right questions before signing up for a gym membership. The FCAA says that people should figure out the full details of a contract before signing and what the cancellation process looks like.

Supervisor of Fitness at Servus Sports Centre Joelle Fournier says that people should visit and test the waters of the gym before joining.

“I really recommend people go to the gym and physically walk into the building, meet with some staff, talk to people, see if its the vibe that you’re looking for. If you don’t like the atmosphere of the gym you’re not going to go, so find a gym that suits you.”

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It’s stereotypically believed that people who buy gym memberships tend to dwindle off attendance within the first month, but Fournier says in their case, some people are actually starting later.

“We do have a little bit of changeover of people who maybe wanted to get exercising, but were busy at the beginning of January, so now they’re just starting those resolutions.”

Fournier says that most people she sees who stop working out are the ones who go in alone. In an effort to have a team working with fitness novices stay on target, The Servus Sports Centre offers programs such as the “8-Week Fitness Challenge” to give people the guidance to continue their resolutions.

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