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Britannia Fire Dept. cancels fundraising gala and awards night

The Britannia Fire Department’s annual Firefighter’s Ball, a fundraising gala and member appreciation night, is going to be cancelled this year. The decision made January 29 comes because of a lack of sponsors for the event.

For close to  26 years the Britannia Fire Department held a fundraising gala to raise money for a community initiative. The night also awards members of the fire department for their service and recognizes their dedication. Deputy chief of the department, Aaron Buckingham, says the lack of sponsors comes down to the reality of our current economy.

“The economic climate is what it is in this city. Businesses are strapped, and they’re being very careful, as they have to be. It’s no slight on anybody that we’re not able to go ahead, it’s just the way things are,” says Buckingham.

Buckingham affirms the Britannia Fire Dept. will continue to try and host an event to appreciate their members next year. However, the gala also raises money for the community. No money raised goes towards the fire department; the event helps support initiatives for Hillmond Central School and another local charity.

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“The Hillmond school is that one thing we always support. The ball was raising money for whatever charity we decided we were going to give it to. But part of that money as always stayed for the Hillmond school for a scholarship and a sponsorship of their SADD group.”

Buckingham says the department values these things for Hillmond and will search for other ways they can support the school this year. They’ve previously done some bartending for weddings and non-profits among other things. Buckingham says that whatever they decide will come down to what the department decides they want to do.

“We’ll have to sit down, and talk to the group as a whole and see what everyone wants to do to try to sustain that. We’ll be coming up with ideas that will hopefully get us to that goal at least for this year.”

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