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Local man organizing for United We Roll convoy to Ottawa

The United We Roll! Convoy for Canada is set to leave on the Trans-Canada this month, with some help from Lloydminster. A local activist is organizing participants from the Border City for the Ottawa-bound truck convoy.

The pro-pipeline convoy is driving to Ottawa from Red Deer and is expected to arrive on the nineteenth. Concerns about the convoy being cancelled arose last month after a crowdfunding effort by the We Are Canadian Resource 2019 Convoy Coalition was shut down by organizers. Local activist Carl Fleury says the convoy he’s recruiting for is far from being cancelled.

“We wanted to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. I actually went myself with my partner and brought posters to trucking businesses, truck stops and oil patch companies., with one hundred per cent results. Everybody has put their posters right in the front doors,” says Fleury.

Fleury says that the community has been very supportive of the convoy. The convoy’s website says their primary concerns are Bill C-48, the anti-tanker legislation, and Bill C-69, the pipeline review overhaul. These pieces of legislation recently passed by the Liberal government are considered by many as barriers to the energy industry.

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Fleury says the convoy is a positive move for the country. To him, the problems faced by the energy industry are impacting the entire community. He calls the convoy an important step to unify the country in the face of tough economic times.

“We need to stand together as Canadians and not fall into the divisive agenda that is being tossed out there by the government. This country was built by people working together, and it’s the only way we’re going to bring our country back to prosperity.”

This convoy is different from one another local man is hoping to organize for Spring Break Up. Organizers emphasize that it’s also different from the Yellow Vest Movement and is open to all Canadians. Those participating will leave from Red Deer on February 14, Regina on the fifteenth, Dryden Ont. on the sixteenth and Sault St. Marie on the seventeenth. There is one day of grace in Amprior, Ont. before arriving in Ottawa.

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