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Serial killer McArthur and Mosque Shooter Bissonnette both face sentencing today; Longer sentencing proposed by Tory MP

McArthur sentencing to be handed down today

Convicted serial killer Bruce McArthur will find out his fate today.
The 67-year-old is expected to be sentenced this morning after pleading guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder. If the judge sides with his defence, he’ll be eligible for parole by the time he reaches his 90s. If the Crown gets its 50-year wish, McArthur will never see the outside world again.

Judge decides on possible historic sentence for mosque shooter

The sentencing of Bruce McArthur isn’t the only one Canadians will be watching today.
Quebec Mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette faces up to 150 years in prison for killing six men and critically injuring five others. This would mean the 29-year-old would receive the longest prison sentence handed down in Canadian history. The defence has argued this is the same as giving a death sentence.

Tory MP suggests longer period for parole ineligibility 

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A Tory MP wants to make sure killers like Bruce McArthur face at least 40 years in prison.
James Bezan’s private members bill suggests increasing the current 25-year parole ineligibility sentence for crimes including murder, kidnapping and sexual assault in Canada. Liberal officials say they are closely watching how other MPs react to this bill.

Trudeau says he believes “Havana Syndrome” is real

Faced with a million-dollar lawsuit, Justin Trudeau is on damage control.
Earlier this week, former diplomats filed a lawsuit claiming the feds have blocked them from getting treatment for what’s been termed “Havana Syndrome”. While serving in Cuba the Canadians were hit with an unexplainable spread of brain injury-related symptoms. Trudeau has responded to the lawsuit saying Ottawa believes their health impacts are real and are taken very seriously.

New study links cancer-causing toxins with shopping receipts

Shopping may actually be deadly according to a new study.
Environmental Defence Canada suggests millions of Canadians are absorbing cancer-causing toxins through their skin by holding thermal paper, primarily used for receipts. The organization found BPA and BPS levels in urine were higher after test subjects handled this everyday use paper. These toxins are also connected to obesity, ADHD and diabetes.

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