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SNC-Lavain drama reaches new heights; Trudeau getting used to the cabinet shuffle

Former Attorneys-General call for RCMP investigation on SNC-Lavalin

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is reaching a new level of drama.
After Jody Wilson-Raybould’s damming testimony, a group of former Attorneys General are joining Andrew Scheer’s call for an RCMP investigation into alleged government meddling. And the former top adviser to Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, says he’s now prepared to make his own testimony on the matter.

Trudeau to make minor changes to cabinet today to fill Veterans Affairs

Amid all the drama, Justin Trudeau is doing the cabinet shuffle once again.
The PM needs to fill the empty space in Veterans Affairs left by Jody Wilson-Raybould after she resigned from the cabinet. The move comes just months before the general election.

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Huawei CFO extradition case likely to get green-lit today: reports

As Ottawa deals with SNC-Lavain drama, the Huawei matter could resurface.
Reports suggest the extradition hearing for the Chinese company’s CFO will likely be given the green light today. Beijing is believed to have taken drastic measures in retaliation against Canada following her arrest, including detaining former diplomats and using the death sentence as a bargaining chip.

Lost sleep can’t be recovered over the weekend: research

How many times have you thought I’ll just catch up on sleep over the weekend?
Well according to a new study that doesn’t work. Researchers say the negative health effects caused by sleep loss like heart disease and weight gain don’t disappear when you sleep in on Saturday morning.

Lying during job interviews may be a common practice: study

Are you stretching the truth a bit during a job interview?
Chances are you’re not alone, as new research suggests many job-seeking Canadians are telling little white lies to land the perfect gig. The author of the study tells CBC News the stress of an interview can push many people to use deception to get what they want.

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