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‘It’s important to give back’: Small lives making a big impact

The generosity behind the 100+ Women Who Care have brought together the city’s youth to learn about giving back. The 100+ Youth Who Care organized 65 kids this week to raise money for a non-profit.

Club members donate $10 each to a pool and then listens to three non-profits present what they’re about. Each member can nominate a non-profit from the community, and ultimately they vote for which one receives the donation. This year, $650 was donated from the club to the Lloydminster & District SPCA. Janice Haughian of the 100+ Women says it’s an important part of teaching kids how they can make a difference.

“Even just by getting together and giving a donation, together they can create a big movement in Lloydminster. They’re little people that can make a big difference. It’s amazing I think,” says Haughian.

She says a lot of the initiative for this came from her 14-year-old son, Jordy. Having experienced a lot of struggles with his own mental health, she says Jordy learned from a young age to be compassionate. His own desire to give was a big reason for her starting up the 100+ Women, who last year donated more the $80,000 to non-profits in the community.

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“I think he always has this feeling that he needs to give more, spread more kindness, spread more love. He was kind of the inspiration behind me and my cousin starting the 100 Women Who Care in Lloydminster, and we decided we would start the 100+ Youth Who Care, so we could get kids learning more about giving back.”

Jordy, who’s helped organize the event, wants to start reaching out to different schools and use social media to bring more members. He’s hoping to hold the event three times a year as a means of teaching kids about the different organizations in the community, what they do and how to be involved.

“That way, we can sort of get kids to know about the different non-profits, and tell them that it’s important to give back. And you also want to teach kindness,” he says, adding his belief in the power they have together.

“They may only be a small part of our population, but they’re one hundred per cent of our future.”

Becca Lawrence of the SPCA presented the shelter to the club. She fielded a lot of questions about the shelter and told the kids about what the shelter does for the community. Lawrence is happy to see the youth of our community taking an initiative to help.

“I didn’t know any of this stuff when I was a kid, so it’s cool to see kids learning all these new things and getting out there and helping our community. That’s a good aspect for kids to have,” says Lawrence.

During her presentation, Lawrence discussed the SPCA’s sick and injured animal fund. She says the money will be going there to help the shelter heal some of the animals that come in.

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