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Garth Rowswell aiming to reduce regulations for oil and gas, agriculture

Garth Rowswell has hit the ground running with his campaign. The UCP candidate for Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright has been knocking on businesses and homes to spread the party’s message this election season.

The former owner of a fertilizer business and financial professional has been meeting with constituents since the writ was dropped. Rowswell says he’s been getting a positive response from members of the community and has a lot of ideas around what the riding needs. Some issues, such as rural crime, are things he’s heard a lot of. He plans to fight for rural residents with more enforcement and greater punishment.

“People need to be sorry they did the crime, and farmers around here don’t think that they are,” says Rowswell.

Rowswell also believes in removing the regulations attached to Bill 6. Pipelines are also a major concern for some residents, which he affirms will be a priority to get the oil and gas industry back on track. Rowswell says that it may take “whatever we have to do to do it”.

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While some have expressed concern regarding the “kamikaze candidate” investigation and other aspects of Jason Kenney’s leadership, Rowswell isn’t worried. He tells that he’s had positive experiences with Kenney. When it comes to the investigation, Rowswell affirms that he believes Kenney when he says he didn’t provide illegal financing.

“He’s said he’s had nothing to do with the financing part, which would be the part that would create a problem. I’m taking it at his word, it’s under RCMP investigation now and we’ll see what happens.”

Rowswell also plans to fight to remove the carbon tax and reduce regulations in multiple industries by at least a third. He says the people he’s talked to have expressed anger with the current government. Rowswell says that while Rachel Notley has defended the oil and gas industry, he’s doubtful that they really mean it.

“To be honest, what Rachel Notley has said recently sounds almost conservative in her defence of the oil industry. But it’s not their natural position, and some of the people in her organization, I don’t think they really mean that.”

Rowswell admits that the Alberta NDP has evolved, but slams them for failing to support previous pipeline projects. If anyone would like to support Rowswell’s campaign they the UCP’s constituency association at (780) 853-6119.

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