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Lakeland College opens Energy Centre

The Lakeland Energy Centre has opened its doors.

The lab began construction in 2013, as an upgrade to the existing facility, for the Heavy Oil and Power Engineering program. The lab features a state-of-the-art once-through steam generator, as well as a two-storey distillation tower and four other boilers.

Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president of the college, says she’s happy to see the lab finally complete.

“As [with] any building project, there [are] ups and downs, and there [are] moments that you’re so excited about, and there [are] other moments of going ‘oh no, is that boiler going to get here in time to have the lab open for the students?’ so today is an absolutely wonderful day for us,” Wainwright-Stewart said. “It’s a milestone for Lloydminster as well, to be able to have this new facility here, and for us to be able to create another lab for our students to have the hands-on opportunities to learn about the oil company is just amazing for us.”

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Mayor Rob Saunders was one of the dignitaries on hand for the ribbon cutting. He says Lloydminster will benefit from the presence of the lab.

“Whenever you get a world-class facility of this nature, established, and up and running, and creating opportunities where the enrollment is already over-subscribed, and [there’s] a waiting list for people to get the necessary training to launch their careers in the industry, it will fuel the return on the investment for many, many years,” Saunders said. “We’re very, very proud of Lakeland College, and as an [alumnus] extra proud that the new students [have] this opportunity.”

Lakeland’s old lab had the ability to train 4th-class power engineers, while the new lab can train 3rd and 2nd-class power engineers.

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