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Unity of Canada at stake warns Alberta premier; Falling snow can now be a news source of energy

Kenney says “No more pipelines” bill could tear country apart

The new Alberta premier says Canadian unity is being threatened by a potential bill overhauling environmental assessment. Jason Kenney made the statement to a Senate energy committee. He added Bill C-69, which he calls the “no more pipelines” bill, violates Alberta’s constitutional right to regulate its natural resources.

A new device can create power from flurries and blizzards 

Scientists have developed a way to harness electricity from a source Canadians are all too familiar with. Experts from Canada and the United States developed a device that creates electricity from falling snow. The machine works by harnessing static in an electrode as positively charged snow collides with a negatively charged silicone device.

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Rate of melting permafrost could contribute to climate change

Parts of the Canadian Arctic are melting so fast it could drastically increase the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Scientists say their equipment is being devoured by permafrost melting too fast.  They add several metres of soil destabilizing within days can add to climate change.

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