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Victims of sexual assault in Alberta can access new program; Scientists not recommending people stop using sunscreen after ingredients make it to bloodstream

Alberta launches sexual assault support line

Sexual assault victims can now access the Alberta-wide support system. It officially launched after a push for more accessible services for victims. The phone and text program called One-Line offers anonymous support for anyone who wants it. The program also lets victims know where the closest facilities are to get more help.

Sunscreen ingredients entering blood stream at alarming rates

Ingredients found in sunscreen can enter our bloodstreams after just one day of use. That’s according to new research from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which said more testing needs to be done. The organization found the ingredients were absorbed into the body above limits usually required for toxicology testing.

Female federal workers could get free hygiene products

Women working at federal facilities may get free access to menstrual products. The proposal from the Canadian government is getting a lot of support. Justin Trudeau said it is a question of gender equality. He adds it is a matter of fairness as the CTV cited a Canadian Gazette report that women make up 40 percent of employees in federally regulated workplaces.

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