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Average summer temperatures expected for Lloydminster

The Weather Network is expecting the summer weather to be around average for the Lloydminster area. Meteorologist Doug Gillham says the months of June, July, and August are forecasted to be on the cool side of normal in the central and eastern prairies.

“Overall we expect a changeable summer, that’s really not out of the ordinary, [Lloydminster] is part of the country famous for back and forth swings in temperature. Those will come close to offsetting each other this summer for near normal temperatures.”

Summer 2019 Forecast map. (The Weather Network)

The last couple days of May are expected to follow the warm, dry trend that has been seen over the past couple weeks, which may be a problem for crops and communities under fire advisories. Gillham says wildfires may continue to be a worry especially with the chance of dry weather periods. He says the prairies are expecting rainfall at the beginning of June even though weather might not be favourable.

“We’re encouraged there are some signs of wetter weather ahead in the summer but dry, drought concerns could be an issue at least for part of the region as we proceed throughout the summer,” Gillham says the prairie region sits right on the line of near normal and below normal precipitation for the next three months.

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“June is the wettest month of the year for much of Alberta. The average rainfall for Lloydminster area is about 70 millimetres which is quite a jump [from 40 millimetres in May].”

In 2018, Lloydminster saw 80 millimetres of rain hit the ground in June.

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