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Local teen heading to L.A. for global competition

One local teenager is heading to Los Angeles for a chance to achieve his dream. Seventeen-year-old Rufy Guron is representing Canada at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in July, to earn an opportunity in the music industry.

Guron has been singing his whole life. He began singing at age 3 with inspiration from his grandfather, who was a music professor and led a military orchestra. Guron says that music is a familiar comfort that’s been present throughout most of his life.

“There wasn’t really a time that music wasn’t playing at my house. I always had karaoke with me, so I guess that’s where I got my start in music,” says Guron.

In 2013, he met a music producer from Edmonton. Guron sang for him in Lloydminster but lost contact for about a year after being out of the country often. His absence made it harder to find a competition for him. Once Guron was back, he was put through screenings and a test concert, to see how he could perform and for Guron to see what live performances would be like.

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After multiple screening processes and auditions, Guron believes he’s prepared for the competition this summer. He says his family has been highly supportive throughout the process. Winning the competition means big opportunity; different music labels, producers and professionals often attend to observe new talent for the industry. Guron says this is called the Olympics of performing arts and is excited to perform against seventy-three other countries.

“It means a lot to me because I’ve worked so hard to get where I am and I’ve been singing my whole life. So to be entered into this competition representing Canada is a big deal.”

Guron says he’s felt the community’s support as well. He’s looking forward to meeting new people in the industry, learning how it works, and beginning his music career. He has big dreams ahead of a big competition, but Guron believes he’s more than ready for it.

“I do feel like I’m prepared. I’ve been preparing for this for years now,” says Guron. The WCOPA will run from July 12-21 at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California.

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