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Weather to clear up by the weekend: Meteorologist

The drab and rainy weather isn’t expected to last much longer. The weekend is expected to dry up a bit and see temperatures in the mid-twenties by the weekend, just in time for the end of the fair.

Last month saw higher than normal rainfall, and the month of July has seen quite a bit of rain as well. It’s expected to continue over the next couple of days with chances of thunderstorms and severe weather events.

Friday should see sunny weather with a high of 24 degrees, and Saturday is expected to see the sun with a high of 26. Dan Kulak, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, believes there may be

“There’s a bit of a chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm in there. But really, the main precipitation in the next few days is [Wendesday, Wednesday night], and Thursday, with the possibility of some severe weather in there,” says Kulak.

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It’s recommended that anyone enjoying time outside know where to take shelter if caught in a thunderstorm this week. Kulak asserts that lightning strikes are a real danger that kills more Canadians than the effects of wind, rain, tornados and hurricanes.

“Lightning strikes a lot more often than maybe people realize, with the expression ‘being struck by lightning’ as an expression of luck. Really when you look at the threats from these thunderstorms, it is unfortunate that a number of people every year die, and the stats show this, more so from other forms of severe weather combined.”

Kulak adds that storms don’t need to be severe to have lightning present, and advises everyone to take caution with the weather. He affirms that the weekend looks like it’ll see more settled weather.

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