Chief Poundmaker Museum and Art Gallery visitors will soon have the opportunity to rare and never before featured pieces of Cree art.

At the end of August, works from Canadian indigenous artists Henry Beaudry and Meryl McMaster will be put on display. The Beaudry works were given to the gallery by the Olga Kozak Family of Battleford and have never been viewed publicly. The McMaster work was donated by the artist herself.

Chief Poundmaker Museum and Art Gallery Curator Floyd Favel says it’s a great honour to have the pieces donated, and he hopes that this will bring the gallery closer to its goal.

“We’re hoping that this can be a place for contemporary artists to display their work in this province, in this country. So that’s what it means to us. It gives us a lot of recognition for our efforts and makes us plan and for the future.”

The Museum will be hosting an open unveiling party on August 29th, where the art will be added to the museum’s growing collection. Favel adds that people will get to see Cree art they do not usually get to see in their hometown.

“They’ll get to see these Henry Beaudry paintings that are not on display. They were owned by a family. They’ll also get to see the work of Meryl McMaster. Where you would have had to travel to Australia, Europe or Toronto to see her work. But instead, you’ll get to see her work at our museum, in our community.”

Doors open for the unveiling at 7 PM.