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SNC-Lavalin not hurting Liberal support; Tories to ask Ethics Commissioner to testify

Liberals and Tories in dead heat in voter support

A new poll suggests a damning ethics report on the PM isn’t hurting the Liberals in public opinion.  The Leger poll also suggests the Liberals handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair has done nothing to help the Conservatives.  The two parties are locked in a tie with 33-percent of voter support ahead of the October 21st federal election.

Call to have Ethics Commissioner testify in front of Commons Committee

The Conservatives will try to hold the Prime Minster and the Liberal party’s feet to the fire today.  Opposition MP’s are expected to put a motion before a Commons committee to have the Ethics Commissioner testify about his finding that Justin Trudeau violated the Ethics Act in his handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair. This is the second time Trudeau has been found in violation of the Act.

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Huawei Exec’s lawyers say her Charter rights violated

A video of the Huawei executives arrest has been released to the public.  The video shows Meng Wanhou being escorted through Vancouver International Airport the day she was arrested on fraud charges for violating sanctions with Iran. Her arrest was at the request of the U.S. government.  Her lawyers are arguing that her arrest is in violation of her Charter rights.

Group calls on ban for paper receipts in grocery stores

Grocery stores are being called on to ban paper receipts that are coated with chemicals.  A group of health, labour and environmental organizations say receipt paper has the chemicals BPA and BPS.  Those chemicals have been linked to diabetes, obesity and some cancers and the group says cashiers are at risk through the chemicals being absorbed through the skin.

Trump cancels state visit to Denmark

Donald Trump apparently doesn’t like to be publicly criticized.  The American President has cancelled his state visit to Denmark after the Prime Minister called his plan to buy Greenland “absurd”.  Trump announced his decision to cancel the trip in a tweet.

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