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Reservist relieved of duties; Free-trade talks continue with Brazil

Reservist’s uniform has been taken away

A Winnipeg reservist accused of having ties to a Neo-Nazi group has been relieved of his duties by the Canadian military.  Master Corporal Patrik Mathews will not return to work and will not take part in any military activities.  An investigation began in the spring into Mathews’ alleged ties to a hate group called “The Base”.

Canada moves forward with free-trade talks with Brazil

The federal government continues to move forward with trade talks with Brazil.  Environmental groups are calling on the Canadian government to stop negotiations to put pressure on Brazil to end deforestation that is believed to be causing wildfires in the Amazon. A government spokesperson said Canada will continue with hopes to push Brazil to better protect the rainforest.

Cold Arctic air will drive temperature down in January and February

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Brace yourself for a cold, harsh winter.  The Farmer’s Almanac is out and the prediction is for bitter cold across the Prairie provinces.  The cold will hit in January and February with predictions of very cold Arctic air that will cause the temperature to drop to minus -40 C.

New blood test may predict when you die

If you could take a simple blood test to find out how long you will live, would you?  Researchers in the Netherlands and Germany think they have come up with a test that can predict your mortality within 5 to 10 years.  The research on 44-thousand tests patients has identified 14 biomarkers that may tell when someone will die.

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