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Liberals haven’t seen a decrease in support in the polls yet; Federal candidates continue to campaign on day 10

Conservatives continue the lead in the polls

Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal hasn’t affected the Liberal Party in the polls, yet. Nano’s Research latest numbers haven’t shown a drop in liberal support. The organization said there is still one more night of polling needed to see the true fallout from surfaced photos and video of Trudeau in black and brownface. The latest numbers have the Conservatives on top with 37 per cent support and the Liberals right behind at 34 per cent. The NDP was up slightly at just under 13 per cent and the Green also saw an increase as well to just over 9 per cent.

Where all the federal candidates are on day 10

The campaign trail continues for the federal candidates on Day 10. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is touring Nova throughout the day. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is making policy announcements in Toronto. As for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, he is in southwest Ontario. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is touring Calgary.

Lawyer for RCMP employee charged under national secrets act wants fuller disclosure

The lawyer for Cameron Ortis says he is still waiting to hear why exactly his client is accused of trying to disclose classified information to a foreign or terrorist group. According to Ian Carter, the Crown has only given him a synopsis of the charges against the RCMP employee as they head into a hearing.

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