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Railway warnings added near crossings across Lloydminster

The city of Lloydminster and CN Railway are adding more visual warnings at train crossing across the city. As part of Rail Safety Week, CN is painting warnings on the ground near railway crossings.

The warnings are bright yellow with the slogan: Look, Listen, Live. The warnings are in place at pedestrian crossings on 50 Avenue and 49 Avenue as well as on the walking trail on 69 Avenue. 

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says the railway is an important part of the city so the city takes railway safety as a serious matter. 

“We all know that the railway plays a major part in our city. We have industries that are supported by the railways so it’s part of our community and safety is paramount for the city as well as the railways.”

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Aalbers says the warning will serve as another tool in keeping residents safe around railways.

“A lot of people wear earbuds and they may not notice the train coming down the track. We’re hoping that this will be another visual reminder to take a look and make sure they live.”

Constable Dean Shwaga with the CN Police Service says every railway crossing incident or trespassing incident is preventable and CN is looking to educate people about railway safety.

“We are asking the public to get involved and help us fight dangerous and illegal activity on and near railway tracks and property specifically to curb trespassing and disobeying railway crossing signals for vehicular traffic.”

Shwaga says the slogan of “Look, Listen, Live” are simple steps that anyone can do to keep themselves safe when near train tracks.

“The placard that will catch people’s attention and give them a few seconds to hopefully instil in their minds that when approaching a railway crossing take a moment to look for the trains and listen to see if there’s any audible whistles or bells. By doing these few simple safety steps we hope to save lives and make people’s lives a priority.”

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