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Mount Joy looking for volunteers for ski and snowboard season

This winter season is expected to be good for ski and snowboarders in Lloydminster.

Mount Joy recently appointed two new board members and a new president. The new president, Ray Tatro, says they are able to make good snow conditions, even if the area doesn’t get much snow.  

“We’re very fortunate that Halliburton, in Lloydminster here, donated a branded new generator set to us, and we have it with assistants from the oil service industry here in town.”

The three generators are being connected to the natural gas line. Tatro says they are placed halfway up the hill.

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Mount Joy is expected to open on January 7 and run through to the end of March. Registration is currently open to anyone that is new to skiing or snowboarding, they can take lessons at the hill, Tatro explains. They will get six, two hour, lessons in either the morning or afternoons on Saturday. 

“Well, if the weather cooperates, we’ll be able to be open for 11 weekends. Saturdays and Sundays we’ll have some special events; weekend with reduced rates, racing snowboard rail competition.”

Anytime the wind chill drops below -30°C, Mount Joy has to close. Tatro explains that it’s a written rule for the hill, which made last winter in February difficult. 

Mount Joy is currently looking for volunteers to work the lift, hand out lift tickets, work the concession or work in the rental building. People can register as a volunteer online or call Tatro at 780-871-3919 with questions.

“We are volunteer operated, we’re always looking for people that’ll raise their hand and say, yup I’ll help with some gears, or snowboarders on the hill, get them out of the indoors and get them some fresh air,” says Tatro.

Currently, the board members are planning to expand fundraising because the groomers need to be replaced and the waterline needs to be expanded. 

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