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Lloydminster RCMP hand out Halloween safety tips

The Lloydminster RCMP wants to ensure kids make it home safe to enjoy their candy this Halloween. As local children take to residential blocks to trick-or-treat, mounties are handing out a few tips to make the night safe and fun for families.

Constable Micheal Hagel says those going door-to-door for candy on Thursday should do so with a group and stay in well-lit neighbourhoods.

“I know it’s fun to dress up as Batman but make sure you have some reflective [gear] on. Carry a flashlight and always cross the street at crosswalks.”

With the excitement for some being at an all-time high during Halloween, Hagel suggests making visibility a high priority. Try to wear a lighter costume if possible, if not, use reflective tape or vests.

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“Sometimes drivers, especially with the weather being not nice, drivers may not pay attention to the roads. They won’t give themselves enough time to stop, so if a kid does dart out in the street, the more visible they are the more time the driver has to react.”

Although the city speed limit is 50 km/h,  Hagel recommends slowing down in residential areas during Halloween.

“There is no rush, especially with all the trick-or-treaters, lots of little kids running around. A lot of those kids don’t watch for cars, so it’s important for you as the driver to pay attention to those kids.”

Hagel says residents will see an increased police presence on Halloween night.

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