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Students join the work force for a day

Local grade 9 students went to work with their parents. 

Students from E.S. Laird Middle School, Bishop Lloyd Middle School, and College Park School participated in Take Our Kids to Work Day on Wednesday, November 6. Teacher Counselor at E.S. Laird, Morgan Mann says it’s a fantastic day for the students. 

“It’s a national program, grade 9 students all across the country participate on the first Wednesday of November for the last 10 to 15 years. It’s a chance for grade 9 students to go spend the day with their parents in the workforce or in a passion area they might have, and hoping to make as a career choose someday.”  

Mann explains that this day allows the students to leave the classroom and interact with adults. Teachers often see children rise to the occasion. After spending a full day working, he says students have one of two reactions. They reaffirm what they want to do after school, or they decide they want to do something different.

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A grade 9 student from E.S. Laird, Burke Beauchesne, spent the day with his mom at Olive and Birch. They worked on merchandising and working the cash register. Even though at times, he struggled with it, Beauchesne believes the day helped him develop skills that will help him get a job in the future. 

“I vacuumed and stuff before we opened the store and mopped; then I put prices on some jewellery, and then I worked the cash register when customers wanted to buy things.”    

Not every child can go to work with their parents due to the type of job they have. Mann elaborates some parents work out of town, or work in the oil industry, employers hesitate due to safety concerns. 

“Well, I think, you get them out of the school element, away from their friends a little bit; and they now are in the workplace, whether it’s with mom, dad or a professional in the community, that business has been willing to take one of our students on. They put their formal wear on, they’re proper attire for whatever that job might be, and we do really see them at their best.”  

On Tuesday, students were at many locations throughout the Border City; at the RCMP, Interval Store, Vet Clinics and at the Hospital. Mann says students often work harder after the day. 

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