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Mayor speaks to Prime Minister about oil and gas industry

Mayor Gerald Aalbers closed the last Governance and Priorities meeting on November 18 by relaying his conversation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Lloydminster’s mayor reached out to the Prime Minister and left a voicemail. He then received a call back on Friday, November 15.

Aalbers says the 20-minute conversation was open and direct with Trudeau mentioning the Trans Mountain pipeline purchase costing him seats in both the East and West. Aalbers shared his concerns about the oil and gas industry and says Trudeau indicated there will be an announcement in the future.

“He indicated we would hear some news about the Trans Mountain pipeline and I would be excited to hear that. It would send a great message to the industry but they still have some hurdles.”

Since winning a minority government, the Prime Minister has been reaching out to western municipal leaders and politicians and vowed to work with the west.

“It gave me a sense that he is hearing us. Now is the actions that happen after this is what people will be looking for. I think each person is looking for some action, it doesn’t matter if you’re a municipal leader, a provincial leader or federal leader, your words have to lead to some sort of action.”

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