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Local brass band players touring the city for Tuba Christmas

Lloydminster students will soon get to here classic Christmas Carols in a different way.

Local band students will be touring city’s schools on December 11 for Tuba Christmas. Lloydminster band students from grades 6 to 12 will play Christmas Carols such as Jingle Bells and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas on their tubas and brass instruments.

Band teacher Chelle Jones says they’ve done the event four times over the past five years and it always receives a huge reaction.

“It’s a neat experience for them especially since their not by themselves. It’s not a solo where there’s a lot of pressure. The little kids are super receptive to us. They treat us like rock stars when we go into their schools.”

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Jones says the all-brass ensemble doesn’t get a lot of time learning together before they have to go up on stage.

“We don’t do a lot of rehearsing. The kids are given the music a couple of weeks in advance and they work on it on their own. We have one rehearsal and the first show the nerves are there but by the time they do the show six times in a day they’re really good at it.”

Most students start band class in grade 6 and can choose to take it all throughout high school. Jones says the ones that do usually will take on a leadership role and guide the younger players during the shows.

Jones says Tuba Christmas started in New York and was a way to shine a spotlight on lower brass instruments.

“Low brass instruments never or rarely get the melody so they often play parts that are important but boring.”

Jones expects to have another good set of concerts this year.

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