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Lloydminster resident finds role in Citadel Theatre’s A Christmas Carol

A former Lloydminster Composite High School student is making her name on the big stage as a cast member of A Christmas Carol in Edmonton.

Corie Ryan plays the role of Martha Crachit in the Citadel Theatre’s rendition of the classic Christmas tale. Martha Crachit is the eldest sister of Tiny Tim in the play. 

“She’s the rock in the family and she carries them as best she can.”

Ryan says she identifies with the character as an older sister in the family and the role makes her reflect on her own life.

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“It makes me reflect on the fact that I’m a big sister and how much I love being a big sister and how important that is and how important family is.”

Ryan says she was pushed to apply for the part by Lakeland College voice instructor Kathryn Edwards in May. Ryan performed Mira from the musical Carnival! and received a callback for another audition. A few weeks after her second audition she received an e-mail saying she got the role.

“I was so ecstatic. It was such a great feeling. I called some family members and my voice instructor and we were so excited at such an opportunity.”

Ryan loves story-telling but her favourite aspect of theatre performance is how a play will change from one night to the next.

“It’s different every time we go on-stage. We always expect some lines to be said wrong or some actions or blocking is going to change and it keeps us on our toes.” 

Ryan’s love for acting started at 11-years-old and has taken part in school plays and drama production since then. She credits Lakeland College’s triple-threat musical theatre program on teaching her how to be a team player, which she says is a vital skill for actors.

“Theatre is about working with others and I definitely had some rocky times at the triple threat program but I definitely learned how to work with others there.”

Ryan says Lloydminster Composite High School drama program and the improv classes helped her build confidence both on and off the stage.

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She says she’s learned a lot from all members of the cast and crew and the most important thing she’s learned is the business side of being an actor.

“You have to constantly be confident and sometimes you aren’t going to get roles. Most of the time you’re not going to get a role and it just means it’s not meant to be. You have to keep fighting for it and it’s you that gets you the part. Talent is a part of it but mainly it’s your will as an actor that will get you there.”

Ryan says she is applying to Sheridan College’s musical theatre program in Mississauga and a few other theatre programs in Ontario.

Until then she will be on the stage at the Citadel Theatre until December 23.

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