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Bobcats find core group moving into 2020

Having yet to finish a full season with the Bobcats after signing a five-year contract, General Manager Nigel Dube looks to continue the rebuilding process heading into the new year.

Dube was brought in at the end of 2018 to help the team rebuild, who finished last season  9-49-2.  During his first offseason with the Bobcats, Dube made changes he felt were needed such as recruiting an almost new team, making staffing changes, and implementing more community engagement amongst the organization.

“We’re going to do that as a hockey[operations] every day to try and find ways to better our team whether that’s early in 2020 or the recruiting class in the spring or if it’s through transactions in the summer. We’re at a point now that we will have our nucleus and we will build around it.”

Although the team is showing signs of coming out of the season with the same record as last year, Dube believes progress has been made.

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“Wins and loses might not be where we want them but I think the cultural change is in year two of where we thought we would be .”

Since arriving, Dube has not only had a focus on hockey but also making sure the organization is involved with the community.

“I pride ourselves not only on the performance that we put on the ice on a nightly basis but that our players understand the importance of community and giving back,  and the impact on people.”

During the offseason, the Bobcats received a new facility that houses their training and hockey operations aside from practice at the civic centre.

Players have an opportunity to do extra training outside their normal schedule. The facility also features a video room set up like a classroom in order for the team to study video. The organization also brings in tutors weekly to help players with SAT prep. Dube believes the new building has been a huge boost for the team.

“It’s a one-stop-shop for everything. It’s a way better space and more practic al for us. Moving forward I think it’s going to be a huge recruiting tool for us as  well to get those players in that see that and want to excel to the next level.”

The organization has a three-year plan that Dube says features goals that won’t be reached in the first year. He says in the 2020 offseason the team will reflect on where they’re at and what they can change to continue to benefit the program.

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