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Lloydminster Rescue Squad optimistic after successful 35th year

The Chief and Deputy Chief of the Lloydminster Rescue Squad say their 35th year in the community has been a fun one with plenty of success.

Deputy Chief Ryan Leblanc says his highlight for the year is the continued support from the community.

“I haven’t been here since the beginning but Norm has and it’s something I’m absolutely proud to be a part of. Speaking for Norm, I know he’s proud of what Lloydminster Rescue has become and all the work everybody’s been doing.”

A focus for the Rescue Squad will be training their new therapy dog, George. Chief Norm Namur says it’s been a lot of hard work with training so far but it has also developed new partnerships in the community. The Lloydminster Sexual Assault Centre is training some of its staff to be handlers for George.

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“It’s becoming quite the task to get everyone involved and keep everyone up to speed. It’s been great. We’ve got to meet new people and it’s been a fun year,” says Namur. “We’re super excited to carry on with his training and it’s been a great journey.”

The Rescue Squad will also look into getting new gear for the two new vehicles that they were able to get this past year. New tools for their rapid response unit is also something they’re looking at in 2020.

“eDRAULIC tools and electric tools seem to be the way of the future. If we can get out there faster and extricate faster and get them to medical help than it’s a great advantage to look at these tools.” 

Once they have the tools in place, they will look into making their programs more efficient and look at better training for their members. 

Leblanc says they have a good amount of members at 22 but are always willing to meet with those interested in volunteering with them. He says volunteering with the Rescue Squad doesn’t mean they have to join their emergency team as they also need help with their fundraising events such as the Sirens and Sapphires Gala.

“We couldn’t do it without the support from the community and there’s nothing else to say but ‘Thank you.’ We absolutely from the bottom of our hearts appreciate the help and support.”

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