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Edibles fly high off the shelves in Border City

The industry-labelled Legalization 2.0 seems to be blossoming in Lloydminster as edibles landed on the shelves two weeks ago.

Plant Life Regional Manager Tyler Steiger says the general response from the public has been positive as seen through excellent sales.

“Right now we don’t see edibles dropping off as far as the ‘hype’ we will call it over the course of a couple of months at least. We’re going to continue reading and reacting to what stock is in demand and we will supply it to our customers.”

Most shops around Lloydminster have been restocking the product since it hit stores. The edibles come in different varieties such as chocolate and gummies with a limit of 10 milligrams of THC. The sale of edibles is what Steiger clarify’s as normalizing the market.

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“If you look at some who don’t like the smell, don’t like inhalation or other methods of consuming cannabis but they love the effects or they feel like they would prefer the effects above everything else then edibles offer another option for people.”

However,  criticism of the new product includes the 10-milligram THC limit, which Steiger believes is due to black market cannabis product labelling a high dose. He says anyone using unregulated items won’t be able to pinpoint the exact ingredients.

When the announcement of edibles hit headlines last November, many parents voiced their concern through social media over edibles getting into the hands of children. Due to the AGLC and Health Canada’s strict guidelines, Steiger says all products are made to be unappealing to minors and childproof.

“I even find myself struggling sometimes to open a package of edibles or even a cannabis container in my own daily life.”

After edible legalization in October, stores across the country had to wait for a 60-day review by Health Canada before ordering. This resulted in orders taking place in December and the product hitting shelves across Canada over the next couple of months. reached out to other cannabis businesses but had not heard back in time to publish this article.

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