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Kindergartners invite loved ones to go back to school for a day

Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Centre invited the parents and guardians of their students to spend a day with the children to help express the quality of kindness.

Kindergarten teacher Jenny MacDougall says the school has an inquiry-based learning model which helps engage the students more on what they are learning. She says it was the students’ idea to bring in loved ones such as parents, step-parents and grandparents to the school.

“A lot of our families at our school depend on extended family for support for school and after school. This is a way for our students to say a special thank you for all that help.”

She says the children have been doing random acts of kindness throughout the week but at some point, the idea of kindness shifted to talking about family.

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“They really started talking about how kindness at home makes them feel. When they’re kind at home it makes them happy and joyful and we’re having all the families here to celebrate that joy.”

Cody Stuebing spent part of his day playing Snakes and Ladders with his stepson Lincoln. He says not only was it great to spend a day with Lincoln but it was also a way to learn about the families of other students.

“I think it’s pretty cool honestly. It makes everyone feel special learning more about each other’s parents and being able to play games.”

The day was funded through the Kindness Wins grants from Beyond Borders Circle of Change.

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