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City, Red Cross, CFAC warning of COVID-19 related scams

The City of Lloydminster is cautioning residents to be vigilant about Coronavirus related scams.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is reporting that people are making calls pretending to be the Canadian Government’s COVID-19 Information Service, appearing to use their phone number (1-833-784-4397.) Residents are being reminded that if they didn’t initiate the call, they should not give out personal information.

Other concerns include scammers preying on fears using phishing attacks through internet links, companies posing as having cures or treatments for sale and also selling COVID-19 tests, which are only available through hospitals.

The Red Cross has also released a statement saying that if someone were to receive a text from them offering to sell or give them facemasks, that this is also fraudulent. People are urged not to click the link or respond.

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Instead, the CFAC recommends protecting yourself by being making sure anyone asking for money represents a legitimate organization, being wary of “miracle cures” and watching for unsolicited medical advisory emails with links or attachments which could be coming from “spoofed” addresses. Instead, people should look to the Public Health Agency of Canada, their local health agencies or the World Health Organization for information.

Anyone who believes they are being targeted or been the victim of fraud is asked to get in touch with the CFAC at their earliest opportunity.

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