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Bea Fisher Bottle Depot temporarily shutting down

The Bea Fisher Bottle Depot is temporarily closing as a precautionary measure against COVID-19.

Currently, the depot expects to close its doors for two weeks, but they will re-evaluate the situation to determine if that needs to be extended. Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator Kim Crockett says that while this may be difficult for their staff, it’s being done to protect people’s health.

“Certainly at this point in time, our staff is being paid for the next couple of weeks while they’re being asked to stay home. Beyond that time period, we’ll simply have to cross that bridge when we get to April 7th and have to make a decision whether or not to extend the closure.”

While the bottle depot does account for some of the Bea Fisher Foundation’s operational income, Crockett says either positive or negative financial impact will more hinge on Government funding for the centre.

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“A large portion of our funding is government-generated, so that would be the bigger question. What is going to be the impact of any government funding into our organization?”

Crockett adds that by taking these measures now, they believe it will help can get the depot back up and running faster for both their team and the people who rely on the income generated by depositing recycles.

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