St. Mary’s Elementary School offered residents to take part in Palm Sunday while following physical distancing rules.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Christian residents may not have been able to participate in their usual Sunday service this past weekend. So, the St. Mary’s principal and vice-principal found a creative way to let Lloydminster residents share their faith.

“We had all these crosses made of palm leaves and tucked them in the fences out there because families weren’t able to attend Palm Sunday mass,” Principal Lori-Ann Betton says.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week for the school. Betton says normally students would celebrate either at school or the church but this time they had to celebrate it online or by the school fence.

“What better way to share our faith with our families for distance learning and distance education to bring Holy Week and Palm Sunday alive.”

The school staff made 400 crosses to put on the fence. Betton says by the next morning they had about 50 left there.

“Families have been sharing videos of them taking the crosses off. We had families sharing pictures of children with the crosses. A lot of positive messaging with the families stopping by.”