North Battleford is keeping Household Hazardous Waste Day going, but making some changes to work around COVID-19 risk.

Battlefords residents will still be able to drop off all the usual hazardous waste items, such as automotive waste, chemicals and fuels on May 9th. The changes come in how people will drop these things off. Only household, not commercial, loads can be dropped off and should be labelled if identifiable.

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the drop, people dropping waste off will need to stay in their vehicle for the entire duration. They will load their truck or truck box at home, approach the Public Works Shop on 6th Ave from 114th street. There, they will be directed to the drop zone, remaining in their vehicle with the engine off as staff unloads the waste. If necessary, staff may ask what a hazardous piece of waste is so they can dispose of it properly.

Hazardous materials should be in their original containers with labels intact and products not mixed and need to be secured so that they don’t leak or tip.

A full list of materials that can be disposed of and a guide to recycling them can be found on North Battleford’s website.