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Lloydminster Exhibition announces new leadership

Jenelle Saskiw will be taking over the position of general manager of the Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association while Jackie Tomayer is the new assistant general manager.

Saskiw comes to the position with a long list of accomplishments. She was a part of the Marwayne Agriculture Society Board, a previous mayor of Marwayne, vice president of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and was on the Board of Directors for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

She says the political experience will help bring a new perspective to the position and help with governmental partnerships. Saskiw comes into the role during an uncertain time as the COVID-19 pandemic creates new challenges for the organization.

Saskiw says the pandemic allows them to take a step back, reset and move forward as the Exhibition adapts to a new normal.

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“There’s a lot of tradition that I want to keep and maintain here but we’re entering into a different world, even just technology wise, I think things are very different than they were three months ago. I think there are so many opportunities that we have to remain open to and I’m looking forward to that.”

Saskiw says her first goal is to make the transition easy for everyone at the organization and having Tomayer by her side will make it much easier.

“She has the knowledge and experience and that’s definitely going to help in the transition. I’ve spent just a few days in and out of the office so far and you truly get that sense of family and I’m thrilled to be the mom of the family, if you will,” she says with a laugh.

Tomayer was the marketing manager for the Exhibition for the past two years and has worked to expand its presence online promoting the organization and its events.

“I really wanted to be the future of this place even more than I was and the assistant general manager fit well.”

Tomayer is taking over the newly created position of assistant general manager. The position was made to split the tasks previously done by retiring general manager Michael Sidoryk.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating and having two people do what Mike did as one person and make inroads into the things he maybe didn’t have time for. He did a lot and wore a lot of hats. We’re excited to help build this association to where he would want to see it go.”

Sidoryk says he’s excited to see the association move forward with both leaders at the helm. 

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“Lloydminster Exhibition is very progressive and very positive and we appreciate everybody’s skills and everybody’s assets. To me, that’s what makes this whole association grow and prosper for this whole region. We’ve got the best decision of the community at heart when we make decisions to move forward.”

Sidoryk announced his retirement at the start of the year after being a part of the Lloydminster Exhibition for nearly four decades.

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