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Lloydminster Animal Hospital re-opening Southside Veterinary, allowing in-person appointments

The Lloydminster Animal Hospital will soon be re-opening Southside Veterinary Clinic and allowing face to face appointments with pet owners again.

Starting June 15th, people bringing their animals to the Lloydminster Animal Hospital or Southside can go into the examination room with them. Pandemic restrictions had previously made it so they had to leave their animal in the Hospital’s vestibule and wait outside.

Doctor Daryl Hanley says owners being allowed back in will help clinic operations flow more smoothly than in the last few months.

“We would have to phone the owner in the parking lot and look at the dog or cat, phone when we had any questions, phone when we were done. So now with clients allowed back in the clinic for the appointments, we can have those discussions in the exam room, get a full history, ask all the questions.”

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Some COVID-19 prevention measures will still be in place, however. Only one person will be allowed inside with the pet, medication and food pickups will still be curbside, and people will still need to wear a mask, which will be available for purchase.

Dr.Hanley adds that despite the restrictions, this will be easier on owners, staff and the animals themselves.

“For dogs or cats that get put in a vestibule and they watch their owners go back to their vehicle in the parking lot, there’s a lot of anxiety there. It will be nice to have the help of the owners when you’re doing this exam, and then there’s just a lot less stress for the pet.”

All services will be by appointment only, and owners should phone ahead.

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