The Maidstone RCMP are warning people about a phone scam reported in the area.

In this con, the caller identifies themselves as an officer with the Canada Revenue Agency, and claims that the person’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) has been involved with a crime. The caller then demands a banking and/or SIN number from the person. The scammer also asks the victim which RCMP detachment is their local one, and a phone number for it, claiming the RCMP will be calling them.

The caller then uses a device to mimic the local RCMP detachment’s phone number, and has an accomplice pretend to be a police officer. The fake officer then confirms the scammer’s story.

Maidstone RCMP says people should never give out personal information on these calls. They recommend using follow up questions, like asking the caller their name, what agency they work for and a callback number. People can use this information to research if the call is legitimate.

If someone believes they have or will be a victim of fraud, they should call their local police department or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.