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SGI continuing to work driver’s tests around COVID-19 restrictions

While driver’s tests look different in the time of COVID-19, SGI says they are working around the pandemic to get new drivers out on the road.

SGI is currently offering a physically distanced version of their class 5 driver’s test. In this version of the test, the driving instructor monitors the learning driver by following them in a second vehicle and keeping in contact with them via a handsfree cellular device.

The instructor grade the person based on what they observe while following the learner, and by reviewing video footage taken on a dashcam in the car, provided by SGI. People will receive their grade within a day.

SGI Communications Consultant Jennifer Sully says after checking if they are eligible to take the test, new drivers will also need to bring a supervising driver with them on their road test.

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“Both the driver and the supervising driver will need to fill out a waiver before going to the road test. The supervising driver will just accompany the driver, but they won’t be able to give them any instructions or help them in any way. We do request that supervising driver be from the same household as the applicant, just to minimize exposure to any additional people.”

While many of SGI’s services have returned to being in-person again, road tests will have to be booked online. People will first call or visit their local motor license issuer, who will provide them with a road-test receipt. From there, they can book the test request online, after which a driving instructor will call them to set up a time.

Sully adds that their Driver Development office is working longer hours, which could mean someone who has booked a test will be called outside of SGI’s normal hour or possibly on a weekend. Booking dates could also be delayed, with both COVID-19 restrictions in place and summer already being a heavier time for road test applications.

“Applicants may face wait times, but that really does depend on the location. The wait times right now are anywhere from two to ten weeks. At some locations, the wait time is comparable to other years.”

SGI road tests opened for all drivers on June 25th, including in Lloydminster and North Battleford.

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