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RM of Wilton returns to primary weights on municipal roads

The RM of Wilton is opening municipal roads back up to primary weights as they have now stabilized and can handle the increase in weight.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. on September 3rd, travel on municipal roads will be allowed at the Wilton primary weight. Weight limits include:

  • Weight limits in the RM of Wilton. (RM of Wilton)

    7,300 kg for steer axle

  • 13,600 kg for tandem steer axle
  • 9,100 kg for single axle
  • 17,000 kg for tandem axle
  • 24,000 kg for tridem axle
  • 22,000 kg for tri drive axle
  • 40,000 kg for 16 wheel trailer
  • 60,000 kg for 24 wheel trailer

Travel on roads with permanent weight restrictions is only permitted at the posted limit, unless a letter of permission is granted from the NWMS permit office. Tri steer permits are available by special permission only and can be obtained by calling the NWMS permit office. 16 and 24 wheel trailers must also obtain a wheeler permit for all loads.

Steer axle weight will be a part of GVW for any penalty purposes and front steer annual permits will be up for renewal starting on September 3rd.

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