The Onion Lake RCMP is reminding people to be cautious if they’ve found a substance they can’t identify and instead call in officers to help.

The detachment put out information online advising people of certain drugs that even in small doses can be dangerous.  They explain that two milligrams of pure fentanyl, or the equivalent of about four grains of salt, can be fatal. They’ve also put out warnings about the large animal sedative carfentanil, which can also be fatal in very small doses.

Other substances police say people should be careful of are methamphetamine, which can cling to absorbable materials like clothes, furniture or food. Exposure to high levels of meth can dizziness, clumsiness, chemical burn, respiratory issues or in some cases, death. Liquid LSD exposure, they add, can cause hallucinations, intoxication and other effects.

If someone finds or receives a suspicious package with a strange substance in or on it, they’re advised not to touch, shake, smell or taste it. They should instead leave it alone, clear people away from it and wash their hands with soap and water. They should also wait in a safe place and call in their local RCMP to deal with it. If the substance gets on someone’s clothing, they should take it off and seal it in a plastic bag.

People can find more information on suspicious packages on the Government of Canada website, and use the RCMP website or app to find more about these drugs.