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CVR Annexation, Pioneer Lodge development part of Michael Diachuk’s re-election bid

Michael Diachuk will be looking to both diversify the economy and continue other community-minded projects if re-elected.

Diachuk, who was first elected in 2016, is looking for his second term this year. Should he be elected, he says he would look to work on the continued annexation process with the county of Vermilion River. He says despite some bumps in the road on this process, this would be good for people wanting to build a business or foster industry in the area.

“Not all industries want to be part of the counties or municipalities of either side, and we know that some of these industrial businesses go there because the spaces are larger and available to them, and those choices make really good sense, but there are other developments that don’t see themselves out there, and need to be inside to access city services.”

The new council will be working on rebuilding on the municipal economy, and Diachuk explains that they will need to focus on the several different industries that make up industry in Lloydminster. This means working with a diverse range of ag producers and farmers, oil and gas companies, the local ADM plant, education resources like Lakeland College and local businesses.

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“As we back up and look, we’ll see a lot of other supporting cast members, I think that will continue playing a part moving forward. The challenge obviously is we have a very young population that has been involved in that oil and gas sector. What are new ways that we can explore different economies? What are ways we can put people back to work? I think that’s been a priority in some of our discussions.”

Diachuk adds that he will be looking at Lloydminster’s geographic position, airport and the fact that Canadian National and Canadian Pacific rail run through town as things that will help Lloydminster be an investment hotspot in the future.

Beyond economics, he says, there are also social needs that he will look to continue fulfilling in his second term. These could include work for schools and talks with all three levels of government to reduce the waitlist at Pioneer Lodge, which he sits on the board of and says is over 100 people.

“I bring representation from a sector that represents the older part of the population, as well as my background with public education and having worked with well over two-thirds of the community in terms of seeing them come through the doors through our public schools, I have a sense of the community, and the needs.”

Diachuk is one of four incumbent councillors seeking re-election in the 2020 election. Glenn Fagnan, Aaron Buckingham and Jonathan Torresan are also looking to keep their seats in this election. In total, there are eighteen candidates in this year’s election for council, with the final vote being on November 9th.

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