The City of Lloydminster is temporarily suspending access to the Log Church Historical Building, so they can install some temporary bracing.

The Log Church, which is located next to the Lloydminster Cultural and Science Centre, was built in 1904 by Barr Colonists and is believed to be one of Lloydminster’s oldest surviving buildings. In recent years, the City explains, it has begun to develop a slight lean, which has prompted concern about further deterioration.

During the structural evaluation, the building will require both internal and external reinforcement, which will significantly alter its appearance and make it so that the public cannot get in.

“The Log Church is one of Lloydminster’s first structures, which makes it an important part of our story as a community,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers. “While it is unfortunate the building will be temporarily inaccessible to the public, the installation of this bracing will prevent further deterioration and gain us valuable time to fully assess the building and develop a longer-term solution.”

The bracing hardware installation will start Monday, October 19th.