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Local students rally classmate, community support behind local foodbank

A group of students at Holy Rosary High School rallied classmate and community support around a local food bank.

Four Grade 12s at the high school, Halle Hanson,  Thera Kusch, Chloe Roberton, and Brynn McGarry created Bebe Project, raising funds for the Five Loaves Two Fish ministry at St Anthony’s Catholic Parish. Initially, the project set out with a goal of $2,500 but ended up exceeding its goal, raising a total of over $4700 in five days.

Hanson says it was amazing to see all of the students come together, as well as the community at large to support the cause.

“We were all really impressed with how much our teachers encouraged their students to donate, and how many students actually did donate. A lot of the time we find it’s the parents who want to donate, and students don’t know as much, but I think the word was put out really well, and a lot of students were really invested in it and wanted it to go well.”

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The fundraising had a fundraising envelope in every class and replaced the annual Halloween for Hunger food drive back on October 31st. It also saw some external community support as well.  From here, the money will be put back into the Parish foodbank, and into necessities like baby supplies as well. It is open for everyone to come and take what they need from it.

Hanson notes that they especially wanted to keep helping as this year has been especially more demanding for local food banks.

“With COVID this year, there’s a greater need for food at the Parish food bank, because throughout the pandemic people couldn’t donate the same way, so it was very empty, so thankfully our project went well this year, and we can restock the pantry.”

The group says they’re talking over future plans, including some new initiatives in the New Year to help them work through the pandemic and beyond.

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