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Border City Connects sharing the love with White Envelope Campaign

Border City Connects is hoping to raise some much-needed funds not only for themselves but also for the City’s other numerous non-profits this holiday season.

The organization wants to do this through a “White Envelope Campaign,” believed to be the first of its kind undertaken. It’s based on the story “The Man Who Hated Christmas.” The story is based around a man tired of the commercial aspects of the Christmas season. As a way to do something for her husband, his wife donates the money to an underprivileged local sports team to buy gear, and from there putting a yearly white envelope of money on the tree to donate to a worthy cause.

Border City Connects director Glenn Fagnan says they’ve adapted the story to help their cause, with addressed white envelopes being sent out to regular donors or available at McCaws Funeral Home. Fagnan says by people sending back holiday donations, they can continue doing the many services they do in the future, as the pandemic has made things difficult for them fundraising wise.

“So this is going towards the operations of the Handivan side of things, the Border City caravan, getting people to and from medical appointments, and getting all the people we transport to and from school, to medical appointments. So it’s just going to be used for our daily day to day operations.”

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Border City Connects is not only trying to inspire fundraising for themselves, however. They’re also encouraging people to use the White Envelope Campaign to donate to other charities dear to them, especially as many have experienced difficulties fundraising due to COVID-19 as well.

Fagnan adds that it’s something someone can do on behalf of or in memory of someone special to them.

“There’s people out there all the time that they don’t need anything. You take a look at your parents or friends that just don’t need anything, and this is just another way to give something to them, but it’s more of a meaningful thing that certainly has a big impact on the community as well.”

People can find the donation packages, as well as a copy of the White Envelope story, for themselves either in their mailbox if they’ve donated before, at McCaws Funeral Home or online on the Border City Connects website.


For The Man Who Hated Christmas… from Giving101 on Vimeo.

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